Bridging Academy Learning With Solo Patrol

In another episode recorded at the 2023 ILEETA conference in St. Louis, Mike and Brent sit down with the sharp-dressed 2017 Instructor of the Year and NAFTO Executive Director, Sergeant Dan Greene.

Having trained more than 250 officers in his 26-year career, Greene learned from mistakes he made early on and realized the key role that relationships play in the training process.

Now an FTO manager, Greene discusses the importance and difficulty of maintaining consistency across the program coupled with the pressure to deliver proficient officers in a timely fashion. He emphasizes the importance of FTOs maintaining and improving their own training capabilities and how NAFTO is a valuable resource for that personal growth.

Episode Guest

Daniel Greene has worked as a law enforcement professional in the state of Arizona for over twenty-five years.

He began his career as an officer in 1996, and in 1998 was selected as a Field Training Officer where he served until 2000.

After two years as a detective, Dan returned to training and mentoring new employees; he remained there until 2006, when he was promoted to Sergeant and began his leadership role supervising officers in the field. A year later, Dan was selected to the Field Training Unit once more, this time, inheriting the team as its supervisor.

Dan is currently the Executive Director for the National Association of Field Training Officers. Prior to that appointment, Dan served six years as an elected executive board member of NAFTO as well as eight years as Vice President of the Arizona Chapter.

Guest Information

Website: NAFTO
Facebook: LETrainerDanGreene
LinkedIn: daniel-greene


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