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To celebrate the 50th episode of Between the Lines, Co-host Brent Hinson and Executive Producer Aaron Bevill conspired to surprise Host Michael Warren by inviting two of his favorite podcast hosts, Greg Williams and Brian Marren, from The Left of Greg Podcast, as guests in this milestone episode.

In this extended conversation, the LOG hosts showcase their signature expertise on Human Behavior Pattern Recognition and Analysis (HBPR&A) and how it increases situational awareness and promotes advanced critical thinking—skills that keep you left of bang and make you smarter, faster, and harder to kill.

Applicable to first responders, military members, and even private citizens, Greg and Brian deliver invaluable science-based knowledge that’s engaging and entertaining in this fun and fast-paced episode.

Episode Guest

Greg Williams is the former Director of Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis / Irregular Warfare for Orbis Operations in McLean, Virginia. Previous to that, Greg was the Director, Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis / Irregular Warfare for Cubic Applications in San Diego, California USA.

Greg is a decorated, veteran urban law enforcement professional and a decorated, veteran former soldier with over 30 years of combined experience and expertise. He is an adjunct professor of Sociology and has done work for Western State University, San Diego State University and the University of Southern California as well as USC’s Institute for Creative Technology. Greg is an industry expert in Irregular Warfare for the Defense Community.

Greg has worked with the Drug Enforcement Administrations (DEA) Mobile Enforcement Team (MET) and the 5th Judicial District’s Drug Task Force and Shooting Task Force in Colorado. Greg has held virtually every law enforcement position from patrol officer, shift supervisor, SWAT director, undercover Narcotics operations supervisor, Undersheriff and Interim Chief of Police.

Brian Marren is a decorated Marine, High Threat Protection security professional and Subject Matter Expert on Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis.

He has spent the last seventeen years conducting both real world and training operations all over the United States, the Middle East and both Central and East Asia.

Brian is a highly experienced, highly motivated professional that has the ability to adapt to any environment whether he is on the battlefield, in a classroom or at a board meeting.

Guest Information

Website: https://arcadiacognerati.com/
Podcast: Left Of Greg
Facebook: LeftOfGreg
Instagram: the_left_of_greg_podcast
YouTube: @leftofgreg
Patreon: LeftOfGreg

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