Retired Ohio Chief of Police Tim Barfield

Recorded at ILEETA 2023 in St. Louis, retired Chief Tim Barfield of the Wellington Police Department joins Mike and Brent for a discussion about leadership, emotion, and the importance of addressing mental health.

Over his 42 years of law enforcement experience, he came to understand the value of emotions and empathy when connecting with the public, their significance in being a successful leader, and how dealing with emotion is necessary for positive mental health.

Barfield also talks about how a failure in leadership resulted in his wrongful dismissal. Having been subsequently reinstated, the situation resulted in his increased focus on the areas of leadership and use of force.

Episode Guest

Tim Barfield recently retired as chief of police for the Wellington Police Department in Ohio where he served in that position since 2014.

Barfield began his career in the Berlin Heights and Amherst police departments.Barfield spent 31 years of his career at the Maple Heights Police Department where he received a number of awards including two for valor.

During his tenure in Wellington, Barfield worked to help put security officers in schools and established the Local Initiative to Network Compassion program to help opioid users find help safely.

He is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) and chairman of the board of the Law Enforcement Training Trust (LETT).

Guest Information

LinkedIn: Tim Barfield


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