Drones In Law Enforcement

Michael Rogers, VP of Public Safety for Skyfire Consulting, joins the podcast to discuss the evolution of drone use in law enforcement applications and the future of the technology.

He recounts his experience using drones in a number of high-profile cases during his tenure at the FBI and how he currently applies that expertise to helping local jurisdictions implement Drone First Responder programs.

Rogers also addresses the startup costs that an agency should expect and how even small departments can implement this invaluable law enforcement tool for tactical, evidentiary, and search situations among many others.

Episode Guests

Michael Rogers recently retired from a 22-year career as an FBI Special Agent, where he managed and grew the Bureau’s UAS program, and directed both equipment selection, training programs, and operational deployments.

Rogers is a United States Air Force and law enforcement veteran with nearly 30 years of experience, serving in roles such as Field Training Officer, Investigative Special Agent, SWAT team operator, Sniper/Observer, Pilot in Command, Surveillance Team Leader, and Aviation Program Manager.

Currently, Rogers serves as VP of Public Safety for Skyfire Consulting, the leading public safety UAV company in the country, with equipment purchasing, flight training, grant assistance, and FAA COA consultation.

Guest Information

Website: Skyfire Consulting
Twitter: @SkyfireDrones
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Instagram: @skyfiredrones
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LinkedIn: @skyfire-consulting

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